The 11th Annual ReviveHealth Trust Index™

The first 360-degree view of trust in healthcare.

Harsh realities revealed about the state of trust among consumers and healthcare’s major players

For 10 years, we have produced the only research focused on the B2B aspects of trust in healthcare — year after year revealing a dismal state of trust among its core parties — hospitals, physicians, and health plans.

Now, in our 11th year conducting the Trust Index™ survey, we’ve introduced a consumer perspective for the first time confirming that lack of trust is as widespread as we thought: Hospitals don’t trust health plans. Health plans don’t trust hospitals. Amidst all this distrust,the consumer loses. Our results show that the industry has a long way to go.

View the Webinar Reveal

On October 26, we partnered with Dan Prince of SMG Catalyst Healthcare Research to publicly reveal the results of the 2017 survey for the first time. Below, you can watch the recording and download the slides to share with your team or colleagues.