The Gospel of Growth: A Conversation and Sneak Preview of Chris Bevolo's New Book

Health system marketers must have a place at the table, and there’s one word that can get them there: growth.

There have been many hot button issues sweeping through the industry: digital transformation, data adoption, brand evolution, and consumer experience. But they are all means, and for marketers to establish themselves as true leaders at their health system, they need to focus on the end – growth. It needs to be your watchword. Your North Star. Your one thing. Your vision. Your goal. Your objective. Your mantra. Your raison d’etre.

Join authors Chris Bevolo, Vicki Amalfitano, and Brandon Edwards in a conversation and sneak preview to the launch of their new book: The Gospel of Growth.

We'll discuss questions such as:

  1. Why growth?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. Why now?

Among others. We'll also open the floor for your personal questions on the topic of growth.