Healthcare Transformation: Today vs. Tomorrow – HLTH 2019

At HLTH 2019, providers, payers, government organizations, wellness brands, big tech, and even retail brands duked it out to see who would prevail in the future of healthcare.

The future is bright - but only for those who are willing to change the game. Lucky for you, what we learned in four days, you’ll walk away with in 45 minutes. We’ll discuss the changing landscape of healthcare today and beyond (and discuss which organizations are prepared to succeed).

Topics include:

  • Collective disruption: they need us and we need them
  • Who will the key players be in 2020?
  • Genomics and mental health
  • Primary care, retail, and urgent care
  • Big tech, tech vendors, and startups
  • Care/hospital in the home
  • SDoH
  • Data & precision medicine
  • Personalization