The First 360-Degree View of Trust In Healthcare: 2017 ReviveHealth Trust Index Results

Findings from the 11th Annual ReviveHealth Trust Index reveal trust in healthcare is dismal across the board, and trust in health plans is at an all-time low. The survey represents the first 360-degree view of trust in healthcare — digging into consumer, physician, health plan, and health system executives’ views and opinions of each other based on fair, honest, and reliable ratings — showing the industry as a whole has a long way to go.

Factors driving widespread distrust in health plans by provider organizations include the hassle of doing business with payors and a lack of progress toward new models of payment and care. Consumers feel slighted by health plans as well, compared to the higher trust ratings in physicians and hospitals Focusing on consumers in this year’s survey brings a new level of depth to the findings which have historically focused only on B2B aspects of health services.

*ReviveHealth has partnered with SMG Catalyst Healthcare Research to administer the survey for the past 11 years.*